Monday, March 2, 2009


Tonight was to make the long awaited introduction of Lulu O'Day's friend and companion...Miss Bella Twista. Yes it's true she is complete. She has been couture'd (stylish fuchsia sundress) and coiffed (lovely afro-puffs) and shod (now she's sounding like a horse, she won't like that) She's sassy, and full of tude, but very sweet and nice. She's a dichotomy.
Not to have Miss Lulu feel left out. She is sporting a new hair adornment. She has been very patiently waiting for me to create a barrette for her closely cropped coif. She seems much happier with her new sparkle. She might not seem happier, but I assure you, she is.

I already have a couple of ideas for other creations/personalities using this pattern. As I have mentioned before it is the Tulip Doll by the very talented Katie Park. I have thought about doing two little boys. One for each of my Wee Ones. Not for them to play with, they are far to destructive. Hate to admit it, but it is oh so very true. I could only imagine seeing little Tulip doll parts lying around with stuffing everywhere (shudder). No it would be more as a keepsake. I just have to find the right color yarn for their skin tones. The middle one has a coco cast to his skin and the youngest one is pale as pale. Yes my children are dichotomies too.

Anywho, I seem to be rambling tonight so I think it's time to wrap it up and leave you with one more picture of the two chums.

I have more photos of these little ladies on my Ravelry projects page.