Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ok bear with me...

I am a little frustrated with using the JS-Kit for my comments. So I am going to switch back to Blogger's comment. I have looked at WordPress and have thought about moving over there. But to be honest am a little intimidated. I know silly.

When I chose to set up a blog I was doing it for myself only. But then my Mum and I decided to set up an Etsy store. I thought my blog might be a good way to network. Then I started to have some lovely people stop by and comment. Oooo cool. Of course none of the people I told about my blog, such as the people I know. Oh no they didn't stop by and say anything. The stinkers. =) But with the wonderful Ravelr-ers and SITStas visiting me I find that I'm my reason for having a blog is to just connect.

We live in a town that I must admit we do not fit in with. I realize this might seem strange to say but I assure you it's very true. I'm not the only one that feels this way, my dear friend and neighbor feels the same. Maybe I shall write about that in another post.

This post was simply to say that I am going to switch back to using Blogger for comments. I'm just concerned that I am going to lose the comments that have been left thus far. If for any reason you notice that one of your comments are not showing on a previous post, please do not think that I arbitrarily deleted it or blocked it. This whole blogging thing is still new to me and I am learning as I go along... so just bear with me. Thanks ever so...=)