Monday, March 16, 2009

La de da de da da

I found another awesome contest over at this very dangerous blog. The Fabric Shopper. I love all the wonderful fabric prints that are being designed recently. They can make my mouth water, my synapses start buzzing and my creative juices start flowing. Ok so maybe way too much information. But you get the idea. I see these fabrics and start to wonder what they would look like in different fashion apparel and then reality sets in and I remember my fashion sewing skills. Oh I can sew clothes, but they never seem to fit me. (sigh) Well maybe I should say they fit the inner me. You know the one, the tall, svelte, properly proportioned you. The one that has the flawless complexion and the perfect hair. Yup that one. But a bag. I can do that. And be able to play with these fabrics....ahhhhh So run over and enter for this contest.