Sunday, March 22, 2009

Socks, Socks, Socks,

I know it might seem that I have a preoccupation with foot coverings as of late. I assure you it's not he case. It just happens to be a coincidence. Reeeaaalllllly.

My friend and neighbor decided she wanted to find some tights for an outfit she recently purchased. She asked me if I knew any place around this area in which she could find some opaque, textured tights. I immediately drew a complete and udder blank. So off to the internet I went. I have fun searching for things on the internet. She does not have the time nor great inclination, to spend much time sorting through websites. I found a couple of websites for her to peruse, and of course in doing so I happened to find one that I liked. Well of course I did (grin)

Sock Dreams. They have a cool selection of socks and stockings, they accept PayPal, and they have free shipping in the US. What a deal huh? I decided to go with a simple pair of socks to start with. These are them. And they aren't even the longest pair they have there. They sell a pair of socks that are 200 inches long. 200 INCHES!? My word. They are currently out of stock on them. Ok? I never realized there was a fashion run socks that you could pull over your head and tie off. Hmmmm maybe I should get a pair for the Wee Ones and when they are acting up I can tell them I'm going to hang them up by their socks (grin). Problem is they would probably think it would be a good idea.

You should go by, poke around and see what cool socks or stockings you can find. I'd love to hear what you think and which pair you couldn't live without. Or do you have a favorite sock/stocking website that you like better?