Sunday, March 15, 2009

Curious and Curiouser..

Ok how about that line? Do you know which literary work that is from? A Hint: it comes from the same one as in the previous post (The time has come to talk of many things. Of sealing wax and sailing ships of cabbages and kings...) Well....No. Nothing yet, huh. Don't worry I'll wait... =)

But that is not what this second post is about. I am simply jazzed that I have created a blog button for anyone to grab. Woo Hoo! Miss Amanda over at Knitting in my Backyarn made the suggestion that I create one so she could grab it. Well that started me off and running. I had no idea on how to create one. I asked my DH who just answered he didn't like blogs (GASP) I know! So off in search of a how to that I could understand. I started to sweat a little because I knew there would have to be some html required in this project. OooOo scary html oOooOo.

I found this site Grab My Button. Well it seemed simple. (ahem) So off I went to design a button. Ok. Did that. Saved it to my PhotoBucket account. Easy enough. Went to the Grab My Button page and copied the html code needed to have the button show on my blog. Copied it. Then went to the Blogger layout page and pasted the code into the gadget spot. And...Presto...a button appeared with a scroll box for someone else to copy the code. woo hoo, right? Uh No. When I clicked on the button to make sure it would take a lovely person who chose to follow me and wanted my beautiful new button back to my blog, it took said person to PhotoBucket page of the button. Aaaarrrgggghhhhhhh! Ahh crap! That meant I would have to muck about with the html code. Oh goody (sigh) So I went through and looked at the html of the other buttons I have on my blog and BINGO I was able to figure out how to get it back to my blog. The downside. You know there had to be one with me jerry rigging html, I have the web address under the scroll box. Oh well it doesn't look too bad with it there.

Even with the html wrestling going on and the resizing the button and the myriad of times I had the button on my blog and removed it. I feel really accomplished. Of course I haven't gotten any knitting done today... shoot. But I got a button.