Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New digs ....again

Yup, I changed the ol' blog backdrop again. I feel a girl needs a little pick-me-up and change-a roo every once in awhile.

I love The Cutest Blog on the Block.Com They have some fantastic backgrounds, and so easy to use. It's great they even give you the tutorial on how to create your own background from scratch. I really want to try this out. I went to the link for the elements that they supplied and immediately became way overwhelmed. So....I just went back and chose one of the ones from the website that were already prepared. Yup I'm a chicken... I'll try it again when I have more patience and maybe a theme in mind.

I have also just joined SITS. It seems like a great site that helps promote blogs and peoples other websites. Hopefully it will help us out. But it's just great to see other peoples creative blogs and Etsy's stores. I have seen some really cute things that I wish I had extra income for.

Today my DH is at the college taking care of taking the placement test and getting his classes. Bless his heart. I'm very proud that he is going to go back to college to get some education so that he can work smarter instead of harder. He has worked on the harder side for far too long.

So while there is new snow on the ground and it's chillier than a penguin would be comfortable with, the sun is shining I have a new backdrop for the blog, I've seen some great Etsy stores (check out this one and this one), found a new website (SITS) and my DH is being a college kid...=) It's all good.