Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well I am geniunely honored

My blogging buddy AmyBel over at the fantastic blog Knitting in my backyarn surprised me by choosing me as one of her recipients of this new award. She was chosen by the ever talented Miss Darcy over at Darcy's Knotty Knitter

This award is described as the following from Darcy's blog;
This Award was created by Bella and Ces in honour of their friend Renee, an incredible lady who in the face of a frightening life battle is tackling each day with great spirit and courage.
Here is what Bella says of this award: “this is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds it’s way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving acorns…”

When I was reading blogs last night, of course, I went to AmyBel and saw that she had been given this award. As I read down I saw that she had passed this on to me. And yes I have to admit I got teary eyed. See I told you I was a big sap. I began to think about who I would like to pass this award on to and I have chosen...

Alex the girl at Please Try Again
I think she has shown, through her life experiences, to have spirit and courage. Plus I think she's an absolute hoot and a half.


Shortly at Shortly Stitches
Because quoting from her blog about her Thirteen Things "I’m a cloth-nappy-using, tandem-extended-breastfeeding, vegetable-gardening, recycling, non-hippy freak." Sounds like a cool lady to me. (Sorry Shortly for terrorizing you with the bad grammar and punctuation, but hey at least most of the spelling is correct)

Monday, April 27, 2009

No really I have been...

I have been knitting. Honestly. I know I haven't mentioned it lately. I seem to be getting quite a few knitting irons in the proverbial fire.

I have my Tattoo shrug that I am trying to finish. I think I have enough knit for the back, I just have to measure. I didn't put any design on the back as the pattern calls for. Not to be a rebel or anything, just because I couldn't figure out what to put on the back. I had thought about knitting a kanji symbol on the back. Something like fortune or luck or beauty or dream or....well you can see the problem with that idea.

After I get The Tattoo shrug done I already have another sweater I want to start. It's called Astrid. I have the yarn already. It's an Elann mercerized cotton in a pale or light blue. I'm hoping it will be a fairly fast knit. Since I want to be able to wear it when the weather gets warmer. Or should I say IF the weather gets warmer.

Then I have been working on another Tulip doll. Ok, Ok I can already hear some of you already..."Not another one!?"....Yup 'fraid so. My DFaN asked me to make one for her youngest daughter. And just to warn you I have about 4 or 5 other ideas for this pattern that are banging around in the ol' noodle. I won't bore anyone with what those ideas are now. I mean there has to be something for you to look forward to. I saw that. No eye rolling over there...=)

Here are a few pictures of the poor dear at the early stage of her development. She is no longer looking like this, thank heavens. I just haven't gotten recent pix of her. She simply needs to get to the beauty salon to get her hair done, now. Her name, for now, is Lila DeWinter. I say for now because Princess Persnickety, my DFaN youngest's nickname (one of the many that she has) will probably rename her.

Another neighbor has asked me to knit this pattern from Well it isn't that she saw the pattern on Knitty. She saw the one I had made DH. She wants the hat in black wool for her sister. I had to buy some black wool so I have to wait for it to arrive. I purchased it from a fellow knitter off of Ravelry.

Well I guess that's about it for the knitting front. It's awfully late. I must get some rest to be able to handle the galloping hoards of the Wee Ones in the morning. Yes I realize the "Wee Ones" consist of two little boys. But if you only knew what those two could accomplish, it would make your head spin.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thirteen on Thursday

Well Miss AmyBel over at Knitting in my backyarn tagged me today for thirteen things about me that one might not know (or want to know, he he he). So here goes....thirteen huh?......hmmmm....let's see.....

1. I taught myself sign language when I was 16. Just because.

2. I have always, and I mean always loved vintage things. Everything from the mundane like cook books to the sublime like art and literature.

3. I have been told I'm very intelligent, but can't do I.Q. tests.

4. I am one of those scary moms that have told The Boy that I would rather "take him" out of this world than to allow him to become another one of those mean, stupid men. (He just laughs when I say this, but he gets the point)

5.When I get truly angry, I stop cussing and become very verbose.

6. I love learning but don't like going to school or classes.

7. I am very proud of my ancestors accomplishments. I know sounds strange. But I'm proud that my paternal grandfather was the first man to get a PhD in Ceramics and studied with the National Treasure of Japan, Hamada. That my maternal grandfather helped build one of the first x-ray machines that is now at Standford University in Palo Alto, CA. And that my parents met at Winchester Mystery House. (And I know the truth about that house, chuckle)

8. That I can sense a change in the wind. Again yes I know it's strange, and I'm not saying every wind. But certain times when a certain wind blows I can tell that change is a-comin'.

9. (Ok going out on a limb, because The Boy, is bugging me) I have an alternative belief system. Politically correct way in saying I'm spiritual but not religious.

10. I prefer funny movies over tear jerkers. I can cry too easily. I'm just a big sap.

11. I like the season Spring and Fall over Winter and Summer

12. I don't like my photo taken. I'm always surprised to see myself. Mainly because it's not how I think I look. I think there is seriously something wrong with cameras. They are always portraying me as thick and stocky when we all know I'm thin and beautiful. Actually the best description of me I heard lately was I wasn't ugly but my beauty showed when I opened my mouth to speak. I'm ok with that.

13. The last, but my now means, least thing on my list of thirteen is I fairy and the wee folk. Well I should say I love the belief of them. I am a huge child at heart and so I believe in fairies, pixies, pooka, minahoonies, and other small magical folks. (clap, clap, clap)

Well that was actually harder than I thought it would be. I'm not sure how interesting it will be to anyone else, but there you have it.

Now I get to tag someone.

Alex the Girl over at Please Try Again

Dina over at Walking within the Spiral

Blond Duck over at A Duck in Her Pond

pssssttt...Thanks AmyBel for tagging me(waves).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garage Sale Season

Yesterday (Friday) DH had to take the vehicle I use. His car was low on petrol and he was feeling lazy about having to stop and get some. The Boy was up with the Wee Ones early and let me sleep in a little, which was darn sweet of him. When I did get up he told me that dad had called because he had seen a garage sale sign on the way to the college. Now why did he do that??? All of a sudden I started to get the itch and become antsy. I couldn't settle to anything. It had begun. Garage Sale Season. The rest of the morning I was as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof waiting for my DH or my DFaN to return. I just wanted to take a short drive down the street to see if any signs had been posted. But I couldn't DH had sabotaged me, by taking the only car with gas and not leaving me the keys to the car parked at home. My DFaN was at work and wouldn't be home until lunch time. Oh it was bad.

You see I have never been addicted to anything. Drugs? Nope. I tried marijuana once. Literally, just once and it didn't do a thing for me. I smoked cigarettes for maybe a whole two days until I smelled my fingers after smoking one and that did it for me. I don't drink coffee except occasionally. So my weakness, my Achilles heal, is garage sales. I love the thrill of the hunt. The possibility of finding a treasure. My partners and crime in this are usually my DFaN and my DH. When my DFaN and I go together she always teases me because she will come home with a trunk load of things and I just a few items. She'll ask if I'm just picky or if she's buying junk. I tell I'm just picky (grin). I would rather find several small treasures than buy one big one. Silly I know.

I kept running from the back window to the front window looking for either one of my accomplices. I could feel that someone was having a sale somewhere. I felt like a caged animal. Then the Boy came down the stairs and told me my DFaN was home. I ran to the door cracked it opened and loudly whispered "Did you go to garage sales?" She looked at me perplexed at first but answered no. I sighed. I asked if she noticed any signs up. She thought a minute and slowly answered that she had saw a couple. My eyes brightened. A slow smile began to creep across her face and she asked the inevitable question "Do you want to go?". Again sigh. I looked at the time and realized that it was already past 1:00, which meant the prime garage sale-ing time had past. I told her no that was okay. We chatted a little more and then went our separate ways. I felt deflated. Disappointed. When DH came home I told him I thought him particularly cruel for leaving me no means of transport, and for calling to tell me about a garage sale in town. He just mocked my pain (ok really he just chuckled and offered to drive me in to town to find the garage sale he had passed, but the whole "mocking" thing sounds so much more dramatic) (smile)

This morning I woke up with the Wee Ones. Yes a beautiful 6 am rising to the smallest Wee One squealing so shrilly I'm surprised my ears weren't bleeding. The day started to look like it was going to be a sunny spring day. My mind began to wander and I began to think about garage sales. I then decided that I would fix fish and chips for dinner. I just needed to get the fish(smile). I was good. I waited until it was time for the Wee Ones to take their nap. DH was awake by then. I told him I had to run to the market. On my way to the market I figured I would just see if any signs were up. Didn't mean I was going to stop. I found two signs. Ooooo, I began to get the tingles. I drove by them. Nothing. That is to say nothing of interest to me. I then saw a neatly printed sign staked in the ground. The writing was a wee bit hard to read as I drove by. But I managed to read the address. I was off and running. It was a neatly organized garage sale. I like that. And there was plenty to look through. I did find a couple of useful items for the DH, as far as school supplies. I also found the Wee Ones some learning supplies. And then I found the odd little treasure, an apron.

Odd, as I said, but I was happy. This is what the apron looks like now. Well now right now because I have done some work on it tonight. I am embroidering it.Nothing fancy or special. I am doing a stem stitch on the outline. I might do some satin stitch or french knots on the flowers on her smock and outline everything else. Like I said it's odd but it only cost fifty cents.

Next week I'm going to make sure DH doesn't take the vehicle that I drive, so I'm not left here stranded. That way in case he finds some garage sales in town I can go in and meet him. All I know is Garage Sale Season has begun....(sigh).... and I feel so much better.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ok it's either me

I have wanted my own computer for some time. DH and the boy have confiscated two computers. Making it impossible for me to access any internet or any other computer application. For a while there I would had to go to the library in order to use a computer.

So about 5 months ago my DH came home with a used laptop for me. I was overwhelmed and thrilled. It meant computer independence. Woo Hoo. We immediately became fast friends. Searching the web for the cool and and unusual. Starting up an Etsy store. Starting this blog. And finding other wonderful blogs to read. We got along swimmingly.

But lately my computer has gotten a serious attitude. I noticed it about a week ago. I suggested that we visit one of favorite sights. It seemed to agree, but then it would take for ever to get there. Serious lag. Its' attitude seem to worsen minute by minute. I began to become frustrated and concerned. Had I said something to it hurt it's virtual feelings? Did it just need to sleep in? Did it need a nice day in the park? Was it me? I mentioned it to DH and all he said was that I needed to be patient. Huh? No, he didn't understand. My brain works at lightening speed and I had found a friend that could travel right along with me, and not wonder what the hell was going on. Not question why we were looking up some long gone dead movie star one minute and checking out the latest knitting pattern the next. I tried to go along and be patient and ignore why my electronic friend seemed to be down in the dumps. My DH was in the room with me the other day when I was trying to look up something. I clicked to bring up a site. I then got up walked into the kitchen washed a few dishes came back to check to see if the computer decided to grant me entry to the site I requested. It had not. So I started to walk away. DH decided that it was time he should look and see what he could do. (sigh) Thank goodness.

DH sat down and started asking about my computer's sweet tooth. Asking if I had cleared out the cookies lately. I looked at him blankly and with a mild look of confusion. What would the computer be doing hiding cookies from me?(grin) He just shook his head and decided not to ask me any more questions. He quietly sat there and typed away one my virtual friend. He finally stood up and said it should run a little faster now.

Well it did. But it still seemed to cop an attitude every few minutes. It would agree readily to visit one website but then fold it's keyboard and shake it's monitor and refuse to open another website (sigh). So here I sit wresting with the computer. At times I fully believe that it is winning. It even goes so far as to lull me into a false sense of security that all is well and working as normal, then sneaks up and bitch slaps me on the back of the head, and refuses to load a page. It's a cheeky little devil.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Great Transition Period has begun

Oooo doesn't that sound so impressive. As though some great planetary alignment is about to occur or some other grand astronomical happening.

All it means is that DH started school this week. Which means our family schedule has changed. Which is ok. DH's classes are interesting, not only in subject matter but structure. He has no homework. How cool is that? He has class everyday starting at 7:30 a.m. Yep that's right 7:30 in the morning. He has no textbooks. But he has had to get a few supplies. Such as a calculator that has trigonometry functions, a protractor, and hip waders. He read the description from his calculator and it claimed to do 275 functions. Heck I don't even do 275 functions. =) He seems to be enjoying it though.

He announced today, rather cheekily, that he thought he would need to buy new clothes, since he would probably lose weight with all the walking he will be doing. Unlike most men my DH loves to shop for clothes. Not at the mall or expensive stores but at the thrift store. Well mostly a store we have around here called Value Village. It's like a Goodwill, but around here a little better and cheaper. He loves finding great bargains and vintage clothing. For awhile he was on a suit phase. He bought suits left and right. One of his best suit bargains was a Ralph Lauren blazer for $.99, that still had the tags on it. Yep, that was 99 CENTS. Another one of his treasures was some name brand shoes that had the original price tag of $150. We got those for 99 cents too. I used to shop there without the DH. He didn't want to go in, thinking it was like Goodwill. We have nothing against Goodwill, it's just when he has gone in with me he never found anything of interest. Then he went with me one time to Value Village and that was that. My DFaN and I have been able to cloth our children, and ourselves, on a small budget. Often times we have been asked where we have found our clothes, we slyly reply that we got our outfits from a boutique (grin). I know it might sound strange but I like being able to go and find a treasure and a bargain and I love the idea of recycling. There are a few things that I have seen at at the Value Village, which are kind of scary and you wonder who would have ever bought the item of clothing in the first place.

Well anyway our family is adjusting to all the little changes going on. Spring finally showings it's lovely face around here (although nothing picture worthy yet), adjusting to daylight savings time, and adjusting to DH's school schedule.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dreams leading down Memory Lane

Have you ever had a dream that makes you take a walk down Memory Lane? Well I had one last night. It involved my first roommate.

My first roommate was an odd fellow. But in a nice way, well sort of. He was a tall wisp of a thing but strong. He had to be 6 foot and thin as anything. We were just friends. No really we were. I had feelings for him but I just was not his cup of tea. Which is fine really. I still think of him every now and then and wonder whatever became of his life. When we parted ways we did not leave on the best of terms. And according to his dear mum, whom I was friends with at the time, she claimed that it upset him that our friendship went south. I would occasionally run into him after we had gone our own ways. The last time was when I and my DH had just gotten married and I was pregnant with The Boy. That alone was 15 years ago. We were going through a parking lot that had an attendant, and he was the attendant. I had enough time to say hi to him from the passenger seat in the car and say that I was pregnant. He just smiled. It was a strange meeting. Heck I'm not even sure why I think of him. I'm just strange that way. I wonder what happens to people I have met along my life's journey. Funny no one EVER looks me up. I'm not really sure how to take that. =)

I have had dreams like this before. I had lost touch with my close teenage friend for about 12 years. Absolutely no contact with her. About 6 years ago. I had such strong dreams in which I was calling out her name. After having this dream for the third or fourth time I looked her up on the internet and called her. Yeah I'm that crazy girl that pops up out of your past. Long past? No your past. (Sorry had a Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol moment there) Anywho...moving right along...She and I now talk everyday. And she lives in another state. It's wonderful and I appreciate her friendship so very much.

So this evening I took time to try and locate some information on my first roommate. The shame of the thing is that unless you are willing to pay you really can't find anything much. Or at least I couldn't. I was able to find names he went under and a couple of places he had lived. But where he lives now I have no clue. His parents are still listed at the address they had lived at 20 years ago. I'm far to chicken to contact them or him. I hesitate to contact him because it was not the best of terms we parted on, it wasn't horrible just strained. Plus I figure he hasn't made ANY attempt to ever contact me. It is probably better left alone. Right? I'll see what happens tonight when I sleep. I'll see if he pops up in my dreams again. Heck maybe last night he just came by for a quick visit. I had even thought about listing his name here, but as I said he might not even wish to speak to me and so it is probably better to just refer to him as I have by the moniker, my first roommate.

While I was looking for my first roommate, I suddenly thought of a soldier that lived next door to us that acted as a big brother to me at times. So I got curious about him. Him I actually found. Well I should say I found a photo of him. It looks like he is still doing what he did all that time ago. Fly helicopters for the military. It was strange to click on a web page and see him sitting in a helicopter as though no time had past. I haven't seen his face in about 20 years and I was able to tell it was him. He looks well and as I said doing what he loved. The photo was taken this year too, so it is a recent image. He is of course a little heavier but I could tell it was him. It made me happy to see him.

So tonight I will see who,if anyone pops up from the past to stroll down Memory Lane with.
Good Night, sleep tight...zzzzz

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Travel, well at least in one's mind

Have you ever been so drawn to place that it puzzles you as to why? This is the case with me and France. It's so strange really. I never ever really thought much about France growing up.

Growing up, I always loved the romantic concept and thought of going to Ireland. I love Celtic music. Have ever before it was popular to do so. I love Celtic knot work, and the mythology of Ireland. Have a man start to speak to me with an Irish accent and watch my knees go weak. I even went so far as to try and learn Gaelic. Ok so that wasn't too easy at the time. It was before the Internet. Yeah it was that long ago.

But ever since I took a Art History class in junior college, ages ago, I have been inexplicably drawn to France. Well actually one place in particular. Chartres Cathedral.

How can one not look at that and just become awe inspired. I know I linked to the Wikipedia article on this amazing creation. But allow me to give you a brief synopsis of what I know. This is the only cathedral, as far as I know, in the world that was built in two architectural styles, Gothic and Romanesque. Due to the fact that a fire ruined one tower. So the tower on the left side, as you look at the photo, was built in the style of architecture of the time. It is one of the only buildings, as I have said that I am aware that was built this way. It is touted to have the most beautiful blue stained glass in that rose window in the front.

Now I am not an overly religious person. Spiritual, yes. Religious, no. So my wanting to go and literally bask in the ambiance of this building has stymied me for years. I get chills at imagining how it must be. Again years ago, I worked with a young woman that went on a pilgrimage with a church youth group that went to France. I spoke to her when she got back and she was telling of her trip. She told of the group walking one early morning to this small town that had a cathedral they were going to see. She told how they became tired on their walk and laid down in a field of wild flowers to take a small rest and nap. When they woke they continued on their journey entering this small town just outside of Paris. As she started telling me this part of her travels I started to get the tingles run up my spine. She spoke of how they more or less walked up to this strange "church" with these two towers that looked different. My jaw dropped. Here was this young woman speaking with such nonchalance about this location that I had only dreamed about traveling to. I asked her, rather feverishly, I must admit, if she was even remotely aware of what she had witnessed? Had she gone inside and looked at the rose window? Was the sun shining through the blue glass? How did it feel inside? She looked at me blankly and answered that all she knew was it was some kind of church and that inside the ceiling was really high. I stood there dumb struck, and again I must admit slightly...flabbergasted. The whole experience had been wasted on her. I know this sounds horrible, but it's how I felt, and still do. She finally admitted she went on the trip to meet other young church going singles (sigh) I still remember that whole interchange all these years later. And still shake my head.
So do any of you have a place that has always sent tingles up your spine? That you have desired to travel to for some unknown reason? Some place that you might never be able to go to but you can always feel it pulling at you. If so where is it at?