Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thirteen on Thursday

Well Miss AmyBel over at Knitting in my backyarn tagged me today for thirteen things about me that one might not know (or want to know, he he he). So here goes....thirteen huh?......hmmmm....let's see.....

1. I taught myself sign language when I was 16. Just because.

2. I have always, and I mean always loved vintage things. Everything from the mundane like cook books to the sublime like art and literature.

3. I have been told I'm very intelligent, but can't do I.Q. tests.

4. I am one of those scary moms that have told The Boy that I would rather "take him" out of this world than to allow him to become another one of those mean, stupid men. (He just laughs when I say this, but he gets the point)

5.When I get truly angry, I stop cussing and become very verbose.

6. I love learning but don't like going to school or classes.

7. I am very proud of my ancestors accomplishments. I know sounds strange. But I'm proud that my paternal grandfather was the first man to get a PhD in Ceramics and studied with the National Treasure of Japan, Hamada. That my maternal grandfather helped build one of the first x-ray machines that is now at Standford University in Palo Alto, CA. And that my parents met at Winchester Mystery House. (And I know the truth about that house, chuckle)

8. That I can sense a change in the wind. Again yes I know it's strange, and I'm not saying every wind. But certain times when a certain wind blows I can tell that change is a-comin'.

9. (Ok going out on a limb, because The Boy, is bugging me) I have an alternative belief system. Politically correct way in saying I'm spiritual but not religious.

10. I prefer funny movies over tear jerkers. I can cry too easily. I'm just a big sap.

11. I like the season Spring and Fall over Winter and Summer

12. I don't like my photo taken. I'm always surprised to see myself. Mainly because it's not how I think I look. I think there is seriously something wrong with cameras. They are always portraying me as thick and stocky when we all know I'm thin and beautiful. Actually the best description of me I heard lately was I wasn't ugly but my beauty showed when I opened my mouth to speak. I'm ok with that.

13. The last, but my now means, least thing on my list of thirteen is I fairy and the wee folk. Well I should say I love the belief of them. I am a huge child at heart and so I believe in fairies, pixies, pooka, minahoonies, and other small magical folks. (clap, clap, clap)

Well that was actually harder than I thought it would be. I'm not sure how interesting it will be to anyone else, but there you have it.

Now I get to tag someone.

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pssssttt...Thanks AmyBel for tagging me(waves).