Friday, April 3, 2009

Dreams leading down Memory Lane

Have you ever had a dream that makes you take a walk down Memory Lane? Well I had one last night. It involved my first roommate.

My first roommate was an odd fellow. But in a nice way, well sort of. He was a tall wisp of a thing but strong. He had to be 6 foot and thin as anything. We were just friends. No really we were. I had feelings for him but I just was not his cup of tea. Which is fine really. I still think of him every now and then and wonder whatever became of his life. When we parted ways we did not leave on the best of terms. And according to his dear mum, whom I was friends with at the time, she claimed that it upset him that our friendship went south. I would occasionally run into him after we had gone our own ways. The last time was when I and my DH had just gotten married and I was pregnant with The Boy. That alone was 15 years ago. We were going through a parking lot that had an attendant, and he was the attendant. I had enough time to say hi to him from the passenger seat in the car and say that I was pregnant. He just smiled. It was a strange meeting. Heck I'm not even sure why I think of him. I'm just strange that way. I wonder what happens to people I have met along my life's journey. Funny no one EVER looks me up. I'm not really sure how to take that. =)

I have had dreams like this before. I had lost touch with my close teenage friend for about 12 years. Absolutely no contact with her. About 6 years ago. I had such strong dreams in which I was calling out her name. After having this dream for the third or fourth time I looked her up on the internet and called her. Yeah I'm that crazy girl that pops up out of your past. Long past? No your past. (Sorry had a Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol moment there) Anywho...moving right along...She and I now talk everyday. And she lives in another state. It's wonderful and I appreciate her friendship so very much.

So this evening I took time to try and locate some information on my first roommate. The shame of the thing is that unless you are willing to pay you really can't find anything much. Or at least I couldn't. I was able to find names he went under and a couple of places he had lived. But where he lives now I have no clue. His parents are still listed at the address they had lived at 20 years ago. I'm far to chicken to contact them or him. I hesitate to contact him because it was not the best of terms we parted on, it wasn't horrible just strained. Plus I figure he hasn't made ANY attempt to ever contact me. It is probably better left alone. Right? I'll see what happens tonight when I sleep. I'll see if he pops up in my dreams again. Heck maybe last night he just came by for a quick visit. I had even thought about listing his name here, but as I said he might not even wish to speak to me and so it is probably better to just refer to him as I have by the moniker, my first roommate.

While I was looking for my first roommate, I suddenly thought of a soldier that lived next door to us that acted as a big brother to me at times. So I got curious about him. Him I actually found. Well I should say I found a photo of him. It looks like he is still doing what he did all that time ago. Fly helicopters for the military. It was strange to click on a web page and see him sitting in a helicopter as though no time had past. I haven't seen his face in about 20 years and I was able to tell it was him. He looks well and as I said doing what he loved. The photo was taken this year too, so it is a recent image. He is of course a little heavier but I could tell it was him. It made me happy to see him.

So tonight I will see who,if anyone pops up from the past to stroll down Memory Lane with.
Good Night, sleep tight...zzzzz