Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Great Transition Period has begun

Oooo doesn't that sound so impressive. As though some great planetary alignment is about to occur or some other grand astronomical happening.

All it means is that DH started school this week. Which means our family schedule has changed. Which is ok. DH's classes are interesting, not only in subject matter but structure. He has no homework. How cool is that? He has class everyday starting at 7:30 a.m. Yep that's right 7:30 in the morning. He has no textbooks. But he has had to get a few supplies. Such as a calculator that has trigonometry functions, a protractor, and hip waders. He read the description from his calculator and it claimed to do 275 functions. Heck I don't even do 275 functions. =) He seems to be enjoying it though.

He announced today, rather cheekily, that he thought he would need to buy new clothes, since he would probably lose weight with all the walking he will be doing. Unlike most men my DH loves to shop for clothes. Not at the mall or expensive stores but at the thrift store. Well mostly a store we have around here called Value Village. It's like a Goodwill, but around here a little better and cheaper. He loves finding great bargains and vintage clothing. For awhile he was on a suit phase. He bought suits left and right. One of his best suit bargains was a Ralph Lauren blazer for $.99, that still had the tags on it. Yep, that was 99 CENTS. Another one of his treasures was some name brand shoes that had the original price tag of $150. We got those for 99 cents too. I used to shop there without the DH. He didn't want to go in, thinking it was like Goodwill. We have nothing against Goodwill, it's just when he has gone in with me he never found anything of interest. Then he went with me one time to Value Village and that was that. My DFaN and I have been able to cloth our children, and ourselves, on a small budget. Often times we have been asked where we have found our clothes, we slyly reply that we got our outfits from a boutique (grin). I know it might sound strange but I like being able to go and find a treasure and a bargain and I love the idea of recycling. There are a few things that I have seen at at the Value Village, which are kind of scary and you wonder who would have ever bought the item of clothing in the first place.

Well anyway our family is adjusting to all the little changes going on. Spring finally showings it's lovely face around here (although nothing picture worthy yet), adjusting to daylight savings time, and adjusting to DH's school schedule.