Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garage Sale Season

Yesterday (Friday) DH had to take the vehicle I use. His car was low on petrol and he was feeling lazy about having to stop and get some. The Boy was up with the Wee Ones early and let me sleep in a little, which was darn sweet of him. When I did get up he told me that dad had called because he had seen a garage sale sign on the way to the college. Now why did he do that??? All of a sudden I started to get the itch and become antsy. I couldn't settle to anything. It had begun. Garage Sale Season. The rest of the morning I was as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof waiting for my DH or my DFaN to return. I just wanted to take a short drive down the street to see if any signs had been posted. But I couldn't DH had sabotaged me, by taking the only car with gas and not leaving me the keys to the car parked at home. My DFaN was at work and wouldn't be home until lunch time. Oh it was bad.

You see I have never been addicted to anything. Drugs? Nope. I tried marijuana once. Literally, just once and it didn't do a thing for me. I smoked cigarettes for maybe a whole two days until I smelled my fingers after smoking one and that did it for me. I don't drink coffee except occasionally. So my weakness, my Achilles heal, is garage sales. I love the thrill of the hunt. The possibility of finding a treasure. My partners and crime in this are usually my DFaN and my DH. When my DFaN and I go together she always teases me because she will come home with a trunk load of things and I just a few items. She'll ask if I'm just picky or if she's buying junk. I tell I'm just picky (grin). I would rather find several small treasures than buy one big one. Silly I know.

I kept running from the back window to the front window looking for either one of my accomplices. I could feel that someone was having a sale somewhere. I felt like a caged animal. Then the Boy came down the stairs and told me my DFaN was home. I ran to the door cracked it opened and loudly whispered "Did you go to garage sales?" She looked at me perplexed at first but answered no. I sighed. I asked if she noticed any signs up. She thought a minute and slowly answered that she had saw a couple. My eyes brightened. A slow smile began to creep across her face and she asked the inevitable question "Do you want to go?". Again sigh. I looked at the time and realized that it was already past 1:00, which meant the prime garage sale-ing time had past. I told her no that was okay. We chatted a little more and then went our separate ways. I felt deflated. Disappointed. When DH came home I told him I thought him particularly cruel for leaving me no means of transport, and for calling to tell me about a garage sale in town. He just mocked my pain (ok really he just chuckled and offered to drive me in to town to find the garage sale he had passed, but the whole "mocking" thing sounds so much more dramatic) (smile)

This morning I woke up with the Wee Ones. Yes a beautiful 6 am rising to the smallest Wee One squealing so shrilly I'm surprised my ears weren't bleeding. The day started to look like it was going to be a sunny spring day. My mind began to wander and I began to think about garage sales. I then decided that I would fix fish and chips for dinner. I just needed to get the fish(smile). I was good. I waited until it was time for the Wee Ones to take their nap. DH was awake by then. I told him I had to run to the market. On my way to the market I figured I would just see if any signs were up. Didn't mean I was going to stop. I found two signs. Ooooo, I began to get the tingles. I drove by them. Nothing. That is to say nothing of interest to me. I then saw a neatly printed sign staked in the ground. The writing was a wee bit hard to read as I drove by. But I managed to read the address. I was off and running. It was a neatly organized garage sale. I like that. And there was plenty to look through. I did find a couple of useful items for the DH, as far as school supplies. I also found the Wee Ones some learning supplies. And then I found the odd little treasure, an apron.

Odd, as I said, but I was happy. This is what the apron looks like now. Well now right now because I have done some work on it tonight. I am embroidering it.Nothing fancy or special. I am doing a stem stitch on the outline. I might do some satin stitch or french knots on the flowers on her smock and outline everything else. Like I said it's odd but it only cost fifty cents.

Next week I'm going to make sure DH doesn't take the vehicle that I drive, so I'm not left here stranded. That way in case he finds some garage sales in town I can go in and meet him. All I know is Garage Sale Season has begun....(sigh).... and I feel so much better.