Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ok it's either me

I have wanted my own computer for some time. DH and the boy have confiscated two computers. Making it impossible for me to access any internet or any other computer application. For a while there I would had to go to the library in order to use a computer.

So about 5 months ago my DH came home with a used laptop for me. I was overwhelmed and thrilled. It meant computer independence. Woo Hoo. We immediately became fast friends. Searching the web for the cool and and unusual. Starting up an Etsy store. Starting this blog. And finding other wonderful blogs to read. We got along swimmingly.

But lately my computer has gotten a serious attitude. I noticed it about a week ago. I suggested that we visit one of favorite sights. It seemed to agree, but then it would take for ever to get there. Serious lag. Its' attitude seem to worsen minute by minute. I began to become frustrated and concerned. Had I said something to it hurt it's virtual feelings? Did it just need to sleep in? Did it need a nice day in the park? Was it me? I mentioned it to DH and all he said was that I needed to be patient. Huh? No, he didn't understand. My brain works at lightening speed and I had found a friend that could travel right along with me, and not wonder what the hell was going on. Not question why we were looking up some long gone dead movie star one minute and checking out the latest knitting pattern the next. I tried to go along and be patient and ignore why my electronic friend seemed to be down in the dumps. My DH was in the room with me the other day when I was trying to look up something. I clicked to bring up a site. I then got up walked into the kitchen washed a few dishes came back to check to see if the computer decided to grant me entry to the site I requested. It had not. So I started to walk away. DH decided that it was time he should look and see what he could do. (sigh) Thank goodness.

DH sat down and started asking about my computer's sweet tooth. Asking if I had cleared out the cookies lately. I looked at him blankly and with a mild look of confusion. What would the computer be doing hiding cookies from me?(grin) He just shook his head and decided not to ask me any more questions. He quietly sat there and typed away one my virtual friend. He finally stood up and said it should run a little faster now.

Well it did. But it still seemed to cop an attitude every few minutes. It would agree readily to visit one website but then fold it's keyboard and shake it's monitor and refuse to open another website (sigh). So here I sit wresting with the computer. At times I fully believe that it is winning. It even goes so far as to lull me into a false sense of security that all is well and working as normal, then sneaks up and bitch slaps me on the back of the head, and refuses to load a page. It's a cheeky little devil.