Monday, March 9, 2009

Hellllloooooo out there...

Ok people, I know you're there. Well at least 3 or 4 of you. I am requesting some assistance. I am hoping to get some input on our Etsy store. We still have not had one sale or a convo. (sigh). can anyone give some helpful critique on how we could improve the store front, or even merchandise. Is it the fabrics that we have used for the bags are not zippy enough? Do we need to take better photos? I asked the wonderful people on Ravelry, on the Etsy forum, and got some input. One nice person suggested I enhance the banner so that it is more readable. And that I use a different back drop for the merchandise photos. You could check out her store here. I like the way she has created her stitch markers, very clever.

I believe that Etsy is a wonderful idea. I love the concept of supporting our crafts people. I grew up watching my parents run their own store, attend local fairs and even have one persons shows. I believe in the system, but am losing faith.