Monday, March 16, 2009


LibirVox, have you heard about this website before? Oh I'm sure you have. Of course I am sometimes a wee bit slow on the uptake. I discovered this site about a month ago from reading some post in Ravelry.

It's a fantastic site. It allows you to download audio versions of classic literature, all for free. The first book I found and downloaded was Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim. I must admit I discovered this story by seeing the movie first. It is now one of my favorite movies. So I was thrilled to find an audio version. My DH just recently upgraded our cellphones. He was tired of me hinting about the fact that I wanted an IPod. He felt this phone might stop me. It did. I was thrilled to be able to download this book. I get to listen to it when the Wee Ones have toddled off to bed and I can't stand the sound of the tv at night. I just turn on my audio book and knit away.

The next book I think I'll listen to is Count of Monte Cristo. Another favorite story. in 1998 there was a tv mini series that I watched. That was when I fell in love with the character Edmond Dantes as portrayed by Gerard Depardieu. I know he's a little quirky and not very suave. I felt his portrayal of this character made him far more real than if a really classically "handsome" actor did the part. I have read the book several times. I will find it interesting to hear it read.

If you do know about LibriVox and have used the service, which books have you listened to? If you haven't tried it before you should go on over and try it out.