Thursday, February 19, 2009

Age and High heels

It amazes me how we age. Well I should say how some of us age.

Case in point, Stevie Nicks. Tonight Soundstage showed Stevie Nicks October 2007 appearance. Now I realize that in 2007 she was two years younger than she is today. (See how good at math I am, that's why I home school *rolls eyes*) But even at the age of59 that woman was still amazing. She looked like she was only 30. And those boots that she was still wearing. Heavens!

Now maybe for you heels aren't such a mystery but to my preferred barefooted self, it's a miracle when I see a woman dancing around in heels, let alone platform heels. My dh was kind to buy me some high heeled boots one time. I still have them. The boots are practically in brand new condition. The reason...I can only wear them for about five minutes, and then I need to be propped against something, oh yeah and carry a tissue in case I suddenly get a nose bleed from being at a raised altitude. But seriously it's one of those family jokes. Me and high heels. Ever since I was wee I was taking off my shoes and socks. Often times at the most inopportune times. Family gatherings, proper social events, weddings, you get the picture. Fast forward to modern day times, I only wear shoes when I absolutely have to, such as going to the store or something else into a major public area. If I have to take the garbage out, barefoot. Even if it's snowing, raining, or hot as all get out, barefoot. Quite often to the amazement of my friend and neighbor, who already considers me mildly off center anyways.

But I digress. I was speaking about Stevie Nicks. She is still amazing and talented. At the end of March, supposedly, an album will be released of her Soundstage appearance. If that is the case I think it would worth buying if for no other song than her version of Dave Matthews Crash. She did a fantastic job. Yes, I realize me being interested in this might date me and allow my age to show, but heck I don't care. Cool is cool no matter what age you are, or what shoes you wear.