Friday, February 13, 2009


Remember the last post when I was saying that I had some things I was working on wellllllll...........

Ta da dat da ta da... Let the trumpets blare. Let the heralds sing out in joyous announcement that The Tink-n-Frog Etsy store is now open....Woooo Hoooo

Yes I know this is thrilling news, right up there with the discovery that the earth is round (all right well elliptical), the cure for polio, and the experiments at CERN.

Hopefully anyone reading this....(hear any pin drops?....yup there's one...) will stop by and check it out.

In celebration of this occasion, I'm hoping to come up with a cool gift and have a contest here on my blog soon. I'm just trying to figure out the particulars of the contest right now.

Since I have been working on the little details of the Etsy store, trying to keep up with the Wee Ones, and trying to keep up with The Boy, I haven't gotten any knitting done. I did find some yarn I am going to use in the Tattoo Shrug. It's the pattern I want to start on next. I still have my black stockings that I have sitting on the needles. I like to have a small project and a sweater project. I have also been wanting to finish up the second Tulip doll that has been patiently waiting for completion. But every time I think I'll be able to work on any of these projects I discover that I feel exhausted and just end up sitting down and yawning.