Sunday, March 15, 2009

Third times a charm

I just discovered a awesome blog contest.
Over here at Le Musings of Moi. It really is a great contest. She is offering some fantastic bags that are good for the planet and fun for your fashion sense. The bags are being wonderfully donated by Green World Bags. You really do need to go and check out this site. The bags are fun and would be really useful.

This is another one of those blogs that I discovered from the SITS website. I love her blog design especially since I have a serious weakness for most things that are Frenchy. I think it comes from the whole Chartres thing. But that will be for another post. (grin)

Now just jump over and enter her cool contest. And while you're there read some interesting posts. I promise you won't be disappointed. And heck if you don't win the contest, you have discovered a new interesting blog, Le Musings of Moi, and a wonderfully helpful website Green World Bags.