Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Wee Bit a of a Wonky Post

Yes I know it's a strange title, but it's how I'm feeling this evening. I seem to be chasing my tail last week and this. Our lease for our apartment is up for renewal. The management company we deal with is.....well....less than stellar, at least in my opinion.

We started this process April 1st and until yesterday we were still trying to provide the documents they wanted. (sigh) If you don't provide them the documents in the time frame they want, they start threatening to give a 10 day or quit notice. Yes they are brutal. And no I really have no empathy for them what so ever. I ended up standing in the on-site managers apartment yesterday as she was on the phone to the office manager for the management company. Of course I could only hear the managers side of the conversation, but I could tell what the office manager was saying. She was blatantly saying that I was lying about trying to get them documents. (sigh). She then started directing the manager to start writing me up the 10 day notice thing. But since the manager had admitted not not do some small detail that they would give me until the 11th of May to get all documents to them. Now here is the reason I have no empathy. I chose to help the process by turning, without being requested. I knew we were due to start the process. So on April 1st I sent in the documents we had. We had an appointment on April14th to sit down with the on-site manager to sign the papers to actually start the new lease process. We informed the on-site manager at that time that we were lacking this one paper. Yesterday the office manager told the on-site manager the small detail she forgot was to write us a 10 day notice on April 11th for not providing the papers by that time. Yeah you can go figure out the logic of that.

While trying to get the missing papers for the management company I seem to have to run out of the house nearly everyday for one thing or another. Then our smallest Wee One is going through this whole squeal, screech, screaming phase. So if you ask/tell him to do something or not do something he reacts by this piercing high pitched, so high it calls dogs that are running wild in Africa, squeal. It's so irritating and loud that the middle Wee One will put his hands over his ears and tell him to "stop cuz you too loud". And this is the same middle Wee One that can run through the house and it sounds as though elephants are charging. He has the heaviest feet. They are so heavy that my DFaN called me one day, when the middle Wee One was jumping up and down to ask if we were the ones making the big booming sounds. She wasn't complaining she just wasn't sure if it was the Wee Ones or if we were suddenly under attack from a canon brigade. But alas no it was the middle Wee One.

Today I went to town and went grocery shopping. Now I realize this might seem trivial, especially since The Boy watched the Wee Ones until DH came home. But we do grocery shopping for a month at a time. So it means a lot of groceries. The Boy helped me carry the groceries in from the car as DH watched the Wee Ones. Of course after the Wee Ones discovered I was home all bets were off and they were under foot. The middle Wee One thumping his way around the kitchen and living room and the youngest Wee One squealing because he wanted to play in the sink and the refrigerator. Finally got the groceries put away and all of a sudden it felt as though the left side of my head was ready to explode. Luckily Dh grabbed the Wee Ones and took them upstairs with him and The Boy.

So I have gotten the management company their missing paper, I have gotten the grocery shopping done. So hopefully tomorrow I can stay home and just deal with the chi'dren.