Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thinking Thusday

Have you ever heard of the game Mad Gab? It's a game of words and perceptions. I recently picked up the game at a local thrift store. I brought it home and we started looking at the game cards. Within 15 minutes we were cracking up so hard I think we were all ready to pee our pants. I would laugh harder when The Boy would read one of the cards because he would try and help me out in figuring out the answer. He would stand there and make these very cartoonish directorial gestures which would crack me up more. So I decided to share the fun with you all here.

So here's the gist of it. There are cards with words on it. These words sound like a phrases. For example:

Up How Worm Heater. What does that sound like when you say it over a couple of times stressing different parts of the words and grouping the syllables differently? Any clue? The answer is: A power meter. Get the idea? Can you see why we were crackin' up?

So what I thought what I would do is give you a couple of them to figure out just for fun and to make ya think....So here we go.....

Eight Hat Who Her

Goat Threw Them Oceans

Chest Beat Wean Husk Hurls

Cry Muffin Owe Cents

Have fun figuring them out. Write the answers if you think you know what it is.