Thursday, May 28, 2009

Berkeley Burritto

Interesting topic huh? Ok first the back ground. Ah, yup you gotta get the background before you get the goods. I'm evil like dat...

Anywho. Long ago and in a far away land, called Berkeley (as in California) there was a boy that grew to a man. This man decided to explore new lands and so he moved to a small township called Monterey. There he met many interesting town folks and found the 'lub' of his life. Or at least the woman he was going to torture for the rest of her life. Anyways...They met and he decided to show her where he grew up and spent his youth. So he took her back to his homeland and introduced her to his people and culture. One of the places they visited was the eclectic market (read flea market). There she saw sights and heard sounds that were new and exciting. The man even introduced her to the native cuisine, as well. They had a wonderful time in the man's homeland, but finally returned to the township of Monterey.

Well the years passed and the man and woman grew older and had children (sigh). One day the woman remembered that time long ago in Berkeley and she remembered the native food they had eaten. She made the decision to recreate this dish so that the man and their children could enjoy this tasty meal.

Ok so I tried to change it up and make it a little more interesting for you all. Did it work? (pin drop) Uh guess not.

Anyway this is a burrito that I was introduced to by my Dh years ago at the Berkley Flea Market. A place my Dh spent some of his youth with his various family members. The burrito they sold there were HUGE. You had to hold it with two hands and then you might still need help with it. The ingredients might seem strange but they work together. So if you're a little daring and are willing to try something new here is the recipe, I will warn you they are filling:

The largest flour tortillas you can find
Olive Oil
ground meat-beef, chicken or turkey
Taco seasoning
Sour cream
Re-fried beans-warmed
White rice-cooked
Green onions-chopped
Black olives-sliced
Kraft American cheese slice singles

1. Cook meat and prepare it with the taco seasoning as per the seasoning instructions.
2. Cook rice as per regular cooking instructions.
3. Warm re-fried beans.
3. Prepare veggies.
4. Open all containers.

You will need a flat pan that is large enough to hold the tortilla. Place pan on a medium to high heat burner. Lightly brush both sides of a tortilla with olive oil. Place tortilla on pan. Place two cheese slices, single layer on tortilla. One slice above the other. Slightly warm tortilla just till the cheese becomes slightly warmed. Remove to plate.

Spread with sour cream.
Spoon rice on top of sour cream
Spoon taco seasoned meat on next
Spoon re-fried beans on
Spoon on guacamole
Sprinkle on green onions
Sprinkle on black olives
Top with lettuce

Fold bottom of tortilla, (over ingredients) Then fold one side over the bottom and ingredients and then fold the next side in, over the side and bottom and ingredients. Now try and eat it.

I realize it might seem strange to use the American cheese, but I assure you it works. It has a creamy cheese flavor with out having it too over powering. Now my Dh and The Boy can eat two of these, how I'm not sure, but they can.

If you happen to try these let me know what you think of them. Unless of course you hate them and then (ahem) you can keep that to yourself (grin)

Bon Apetite