Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ok now I'm gettin' upset...

So...I've been talking about starting a new sweater. Right? Well I found one. I purchased the pattern. Did a swatch for gauge, yes I did. Figured out the simple lace pattern. Completed one whole skein and....realized I was not going to have enough yarn. *SIGH* So now...now I have to frog and figure out another pattern to use this yarn for. The yarn is Elann Sonata in Glacier Blue. It's a pretty color. The yarn is nice to work with for a mercerized cotton. I was going to try the Astrid pattern, but felt with my figure it would look like I was wearing a gunny sack. I have mentioned my vision of myself, and the reality of what I look like. Geez, that almost makes it sound like I'm a two hundred pound toad with a rummy eye and a hump on my back. I assure you I'm not. As my DFaN describes it; I'm thick. So when it comes to choosing clothing to make for myself I look better in tops that have an empire line at least or at least a v-neck line. Darts are also helpful. Yet I'm not proficient in dart or short row placements in a sweater, yet. So winging darts or short rows in order to accommodate my bust is a little iffy.

I have been searching for a tank that would allow me to utilize the Sonata. But the ones I am drawn to are the ones that match my vision instead of my reality of me. I did find one knitter that was able to translate one of these camisole/tanks to include bust darts. But we go back to the whole me winging it thing.

I also mentioned how I had completed the Tattoo Kimono Shrug. I wore it and decided that I would get a photo to show you all here. Yeah that didn't go so well. I saw the photos and have decided that I am going to frog the sweater, that no one is going to see me in that sweater, and that I can't believe that my family or DFaN didn't tell me I looked like a huge dork wearing it. It's a great sweater. I love the sleeves. The pattern is easy to read and knit. Putting it together can be a little confusing at first, but a great sweater. The down side for me is the neck line. It's ends up being boat neck. Yeah not so good. (sigh)

So now I'm going to be frogging and trying to figure out how to use these two yarns. I might just end up having to sell the Glacier Blue Sonata in order to allow me to purchase a larger quantity of this yarn. I am going to frog the Tattoo and just reuse the Knit One Crochet Two 2nd Time cotton, maybe in the pattern I started with the Sonata. Oh yeah that pattern is Glampyre Knit's Pattern Camellia. I researched other knitters that made this sweater. It has been successfully knit by other's that are well endowed and thick. It has a faux empire line and the kimono sleeve thing going on. So hopefully it will be a win win situation for me.