Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hmmm It's Saturday

Yup. It's another beautiful day. Right now the Wee Ones are down for their naps. Well their supposed to be, they are at least in their respective napping spots and quiet. Which allows me the opportunity to write a post. Just to warn the easily dizzied this will be one of those wandering posts, so grab a cup of joe and a Dramamine and lets wander...

I didn't go to any garage sales this weekend. They have been mighty disappointing. Dh's theory is that with the economy so bad people are trying to lessen the junk in their homes and trying to make some real money so they are truly selling off their junk and pricing it too high to boot. But that hasn't stopped me from bargain hunting. I check the Destash board on Ravelry. I peruse the listings on Etsy and then I research ebay. I have been really good lately and not bought any yarn. Mostly because I have depleted my PayPal cash account. I still have the dolls that I'm working on, plus some light blue Elann sonata that I can knit up into a sweater. I was going to use it for the Astrid pattern. I have two concerns. One, I really don't want to knit a pattern I am going to have to sew together. Two, I'm concerned it will look like a potato sack on me. As I have mentioned before, in my mind I am thinner, but in reality I am not. Now I'm beginning to wander if I should play around with altering this pattern, Tunic Dress. I like the bodice. I don't need to put the patterning in, but I like the neck line to it. I would fashion it after this sweater pattern by DROPS. I am almost positive I want a tunic. Almost(?)

Moving right along. I have also been thinking that since we no longer live near the ocean. Haven't for too many years to count. I would like to re-do the living room in an seaside like feel. You know Adirondack chairs with lovely cushions. Paintings of ocean scenes, Seas shells displayed. Colors done in sea foam green, soft blue, and whites. Alas this is another one of my many creative concepts that will not be able to see the light of day. Due to financial concerns, living room size and management restrictions on painting the walls in the apartments.

Touching on the whole living near the ocean topic. Yup I was lucky to have grown up in Monterey and Pacific Grove, California. When we were wee girls, my mum would take my sister and I to the beach. We would walk down in the morning and walk home later in the afternoon. Our home was a mere ten blocks away. We really never played in the surf that much, more just climbed on the rocks, looked at the sea life in the tide pools and looked for shells in the sand. As we got older our family moved into Monterey. We moved to an area called spaghetti hill. Due to the large concentration of old Italian families that had lived there for years. It was a lovely area to live in. If you stood out in the street, which was possible because it was not that busy, you could watch the planes take off from the Monterey Airport. I can remember hearing the strange sound of the Good Year blimp fly over our house during the Bing Crosby Clam Bake and Golf Tourney, which was later renamed the AT&T, and I'm not sure what it's called now. I can remember when we heard the blimp fly over our house I would run outside and wave to the pilot. I was always amazed when the pilot would wiggle the blimp in response. Yes he would be that low........

Oh well I guess it's enough of this blog writing. The Wee Ones have decided that they are not going to go to sleep. They have decided they are going to bug me and now the youngest has spilled milk on himself and needs a bath. (sigh) Off to be a mom.