Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Imagination Award

The dear Miss AmyBel has given me another blog award. I appreciate her thinking of me.

The Rules:
Tell 5 things about your crafts you like the most...what inspires you to make home made gifts.
Send this award to 5 bloggers.

Ok here are the 5 reasons:

1. Crafting allows my vivid imagination some release.

2. It allows me to have a minute, a moment, sometimes just a milli-second of not being a mom, a wife, a sister, a DFaN, a daughter. Just me. (I know sounds selfish but true)

3. Crafting has been such an integral part of my life since I was small. It's what makes my house seem like a home.

4. I like the idea of leaving some memento or heirloom for my children's children to discover. Then, hopefully, have it inspire them to create.

5. I love that creating allows me to meet such interesting and wonderful people. Seeing what they have accomplished inspires.

So now I will choose 5 people to pass this to:

Daily Stitches
Walking within the Spiral
How to Make Art

On that last one I fudged a little. Petra doesn't really have a blog, but she is an amazing designer/knitter/crocheter. She is taking patterns in her native tongue, Czezh, and trying to translate it so that anyone can create them.