Thursday, August 6, 2009

Help a girl out

Ok, I've wracked my brain and I'm at a loss. I would like to come up with some extra money to be able to purchase some quilting supplies. The Infi-knity bags aren't selling (sigh). Even after a very sweet and noble attempt by Miss AmyBel by hosting a contest to show off the etsy store. (Thank you so much!)

We are on a buying moratorium. Mostly because we are casse (french for broke), but also because we are implementing a plan to save money for moving. I'm glad my Dh finally decided to make the decision to become serious about moving. But since we have already not been able to indulge in little extras, making this plan to really buckle down, has me trying to come up with alternatives to sooth my creative beast. I recently read Posie Gets Cosy blog and it inspired me to want to try a similar quilt, only in lap blanket size. Plus my mum would also like to be able to work on a quilt. A project we could work on together.

I'm not whining but this really sucks not being able to purchase supplies for crafting. No yarn, (gasp). No fabric, (gasp). No other crafting supplies (gasp, gasp, gasp!). I feel like I'm going to go through withdrawals.

So now, I'm turning to you out there in the ether world. Maybe you can think of a new way for me to either pimp the bags or a new way for me to make $100 or so. Any ideas?