Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Geez it's been a strange couple of days, but I'm cool like dat

I wrote that post about helping a girl out with ideas on how to come up with some extra moola. Remember? Of course you do because all of my posts are so incredibly interesting and noteworthy. Anywho, moving right along....my DFaN called me last Wednesday and told me about a position that was available, cleaning our local post office. (Yes, I know glamorous, but I'm smooth like dat) I went and spoke to the new Post Master, a very nice gentleman, last Friday. I start cleaning next Monday. It's not the grandest job but the hours are perfect and the little (stress little) income will be very helpful and greatly appreciated by this girl.

I then finished the "representational figure" that I started for my DFaN's son. Since he's 9 I call it that instead of a doll. His name is Oliver Graham, or Little OG...

Cuz he's cool like dat

Then last night I get a call from my sister. She has been trying to set up a website for their farm. Being the oh so hip and savvy younger sister that I am, suggested a blog. Yeah huh. Real cool. I ended up staying up to 2 am setting one up for her. I kept fighting with the code for the button to her website. It was mocking me, I just know it. But today between arguing with the Wee Ones, the smallest one growls at me now when he disagrees with what I say, and watching my DFaN youngest, Princess Persnickety, I was actually able to whip that code into shape and let it know who was boss. You all should go over and show her a little comment love. Yanez Farms. It's a simple design, but I like the way that the banner and her button turned out, even if I do say so myself. Cuz, yup you know it, I'm cool like dat. (grin)