Thursday, August 13, 2009

Asbestos and quilting

I went to training today for my job. It was asbestos and hazmat training. Yes, exciting stuff I tell you. I sat through a two hour training cd for the asbestos. It was something that the Post Office had taped in 2006 and it was just...well...riveting. (cough, cough). It had such helpful hints as don't breathe in asbestos dust. Check. If you see asbestos dust don't disturb it. Check. Most Americans already have a certain amount of asbestos in our lungs. Oh goody! And, my favorite bit of helpful information, Steve McQueen, supposedly died from asbestos related lung cancer. Ok, then. Well now my asbestos training is complete. Woo Hoo. Next.

So I'm going to try quilting. Yes, I know just what I need is another hobby. What inspired me to try a quilt was Miss Posie gets Cosy. Her quilt is so lovely and dreamy. I could just imagine being snuggled under it reading a good book, with a lovely cuppa and maybe a little something to nibble. Yeah I know I live in LaLa Land right next to a quaint place called De-nile. Because we all know as soon as I began to snuggle under any blanket I would have the Wee Ones trying to pounce on me and heavens forbid there would be any hot liquid sitting near by, for I would certainly be wearing it. Let's totally forget having a little something to nibble, because the smallest Wee One more than likely would be walking off with it. But I can dream. So I searched through my small fabric stash and was actually able to find some fabric that coordinated, red, black and cream. I found some black fabric that I had had for sometime. I can't even remember what it is left over from or where I got it. I decided to wash it in case it ran. Well the color did run and so did the strength.

I have never seen a fabric disintegrate like this. It was very strange, but I'm so glad I washed it before I used it in the quilt. Hey maybe this was at some time stored next to, guess not. (shrug)