Monday, August 10, 2009

A backyard adventure

Today the weather was great. It was sunny and warm but not so warm that the smallest wee one couldn't go out. You see he's just a delicate little flower of a fellow. (scoff, scoff) Actually he does not do well in the heat. He is so fair that he just gets red and does not tan. Therefore if it's too hot outside he can't go out for long. But today was perfect for him.

So out they ran. Catch me if you can!

Well looky dere! It's a tractor working on the road Momma.

Now let's run back.

Look we have a guest coming to visit.

A grasshopper on a string next to the backdoor. He had the coolest back legs. The upper part were black and white stripes with the lower part being a wonderful lime green. He was a very smartly dressed hopper. I kept thinking of Tim Burton every time I looked at him.

I held the yarn the yarn parallel to try and get a better photo. Obviously it didn't work.

Then the boys remembered the tomato plants.

Little tomatoes waiting to turn red.

Here are some more Momma.

My own cute tomato.

Geez, that was some adventure. I think I'll just have a quiet interlude. (sigh)