Monday, August 24, 2009

Birdie and a window

About two years ago my DFaN, and partner in crime, were driving around looking for garage sales. We drove by a small house that had some old sash windows on the curb with a sign that said "Free". Yup you guessed it we stop and each grabbed one. We had no idea what we were going to do with them. It has patiently leaned against one wall or another. It has sat being bumped, moved and jostled and never breaking.

Last Wednesday afternoon, I found myself watching the Wee Ones and even their antics were not able to keep my eyes opened. My mum suggested I take a nap. Normally, it's something I don't like to do because I feel like I'm wasting the day, but I took her up on her offer to keep and eye on the busy boys. For some reason when I was at that stage when you are just coming out of sleep and are still in that dreamy state, I found myself imagining a bird pincushion. A whimsical one. Made from calico maybe, something bright and cheerful.

I felt compelled to get up and create such a pincushion. And did just that.

She still needs some black eyes, but she's just fine for now.

Well then came the dilemma of where this little birdie would sit. Hmmmm.... It would look very cute sitting on a shelf next to the knitting supplies. Yet no shelf was there. My mum remembered we had an old wood box and maybe that would suffice. But it didn't look good next to the picture we had hanging. For some reason, the patient window sprang to mind. Yes, but what to do with it? I decided to do this.

I placed cup hooks on the bottom of the window frame

My attempt at translating these four words into French

I can't take credit for the beautiful Celtic star. I found it online. I used permanent marker for the black and acrylic paint for the gold. I'm still playing with the idea of painting the frame black. I'm gonna live with it this way for a bit and see what the window decides it wants me to do.