Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trying something new

Yep we are. We decided to give Netflix a try. I can already hear some of you out there. I know I'm behind the times. We evaluated our television watching patterns and realized that we are very selective about what we watch. We usually don't watch the normal channels. Like CBS and ABC. The Wee ones control the tv during the day. It's mostly background noise for them. They request their movies they want to watch and then the run around the house. At night I sit and watch a few selected shows and then end up suffering through whatever is the lesser of the evils. I decided that seemed silly. Since the telly is one of our few luxuries, ok besides the internet and my crafts, I decided to do something about it. Hence Netflix. But who wants to watch movies and tv shows on a small screen laptop, especially when there is a perfectly good LCD tv in the room? Not me. So today Dh went and picked up a cable from our favorite computer store, Recycle Techs, gotta love the name, so that I can hook my lap top into the tv. And Voila! I am able to choose what I want to watch on a large screen. Heck I am even using the tv as my monitor right now. It's a little odd, but like the title says I'm trying something new.