Sunday, June 21, 2009

One more

Does anyone else ever feel like they are going to explode? If I have to repeat the same thing one more time. If I have to ask for help when it's obvious I'm in desperate need of it. If I have to chase after one more toddler. If I have to hear one more "suggestion" on how to do something from my Dh. If the smallest Wee One gets into or out of something he's not supposed to. If I'm not allowed to complete one more thought or sentence. If the smallest Wee One messes up the screen one more time. If our apartment gets any smaller. If I forget something else because I'm trying to keep in mind everything. I think I'm going to scream!

Sorry but I had to vent or I was going to have Lizzy Borden moment. Well no not really, because I would just have to clean up the mess afterward. And let's be honest trying to get blood and, possibly, brain matter out of my white dress would not be a good thing. I just had to vent. I feel calmer.

In the immortal words of the middle Wee One, Sky,...