Saturday, June 6, 2009

Must. get. help. and. sleep...

Ok as usual I am attempting something without prior knowledge and/or with no instructor. Right now it's 2:55 am. Uh, yeah, I'm not going to worth diddly in the morn when the Wee Ones are donning their capes or wearing their underwear on their heads. I should clarify and say clean underwear. Anywho, moving right along.

I got a hair up my, well we won't go into that, let's just say my overactive creative mind decided to try my hand at creating a blog background. I went to the Cutest Blog on the Block, because they have a "How To" on doing such a thing, dontcha know. I downloaded the I couldn't get the grasp of it at first. So I went to my old stand-by program that I've had for ages. I got the elements I wanted to use and then transferred it over to the Paint program. I followed the directions on the Cutest Blog and got no where. I'm not sure what I am not doing right. I know nothing about code, html that sort of thing. So am at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong. So in my sleep deprived frame of mind, I've decided to ask anyone in blog land for help and assistance. Has anyone ever done this before? Or am I just out here in left field again. You know you would think I would learn by now to bring a chaise lounge and some snacks. I seem to stand out here quite often.