Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A bit of gratuitous cuteness...

Ok, I realize that my last post wasn't the cheeriest. And I appreciate you lovely ladies stepping up and giving me a pat on the back with support. Thank you very much.

I try not to do the whole aren't my kids cute thing. But today the Wee Ones did a memory making moment kind of thing. The middle Wee One decided to wear a cape and be a Super Wee One. He then decided that the youngest needed to join him in his adventures. So he handed him his cape and the youngest donned his super hero potato head glasses. To complete his ensemble he of course was wearing his one sock. Cuz you never know when just one sock will be enough. The interesting thing is that he actually stood still for the photos. Of course I had to get a pix of his partner, the middle Wee One. He had to adopt a super hero pose, cuz standing still just didn't show off his Super Hero energy, I guess. As a mere mortal mom I would never begin to try and claim that I would know what would be going through the mind of two Super Hero Wee Ones. Of course shortly after these photos the Amazing Wee Ones Duo got in trouble and were stripped of
there super hero cloaks and made to sit down in time out.