Saturday, January 31, 2009

You otta be in pictures

I did it!
I took pix of the projects. (No not the ones I live in but the ones I'm knitting, lol)

First, the finished Gwen Slouch, by Lauren Nell Roy. I really loved knitting this pattern. It was really well written, easy to tweak, and the lace pattern was a breeze to follow. In the second photo my oldest son was kind enough to don this chapeau so I could get a better shot of it.
Of course as soon as the hat hit his head he started to complain that I was messing up his hair. Oh geezzz!! This yarn was lovely to knit with.
It was so springy and so light. It's also very comfy to wear. For this being my first experience wearing a slouch I must say I like it. I usually wear it much like a snood, tucking my hair up inside. One reason I like it is that it really doesn't give me that "hat hair" effect. Which I must admit I appreciate.

Second, is the Juliet Sweater, by Sarah and Rachel. I started this pattern last year some time and finally took it out of hibernation. I was a little intimidated to start the lace pattern, since my Mum had such a time of it. But I have found it fairly easy to do and fairly forgiving if I get my count off. I'm using Elann's Highland wool.
I believe the color is considered a dark teal. This yarn has also been lovely to work with.

Last, but not least is the Over the Knee Socks, by Cindy Taylor. I started these using Peer Gynt, in ivory. As I worked on them I decided that I would
really prefer these in a black. So I purchased some of Elann's Sock it to Me.
I have some concerns about them staying up so I did a knit along in the ribbing with some elastic thread. Being frugal I used what elastic thread I had on hand, hence the tweedy look towards the top of the stocking. I did this in the ivory stocking too, you just don't notice it as much. I had thought about frogging (well of course) the ivory ones. The yarn seems a little wonky and the stockings are coming out quite thick. But then I look at them and figure, oh what the heck why not just finish them.

I also have another Tulip doll, by Katie Park that I have yet to finish. I was going to take a photo of her as well but felt like I was imposing on her privacy. You see she doesn't have her face on, and hasn't been to the hair stylist yet. And actually is sitting around in her all together except for her stockings. I keep wanting to work on her but just lost some of the inspiration to complete her, right now. I've been trying to finish the Juliet by Tuesday, February 3, for an appointment I have. I keep thinking I have it long enough. Then I try it on and think oh I'll just make it a little longer. I only have two skeins left. One I just added on, and the other one I need to use to finish the sleeves, so I'll have to accept the length I get with this last skein. That being said I think it's time to turn in and wake to start another day of chasing the Wee Ones. Ta =)