Sunday, January 11, 2009

No clever title tonight

Sorry I just couldn't come up with a clever title tonight...Well I was able to figure out which yarn to use for the the Gwen Slouch, though. Whew! Boy am I glad. It was driving me bonkers. It actually turned out to be yarn that I had on hand. It's this one, Francis Patrick silk and merino, colorway mountain spruce. I'm only using one skein. The yarn is a dream to knit. It has loft, and is so soft. It made me start thinking that I would love to have a couple of skeins that are luxury yarns for small projects like this hat. The pattern is just grand too. The lace pattern is a breeze to get to know and so forgiving. I have had a couple of oops, but I have corrected them easy enough and not to the detriment of the pattern.

The Wee Ones were in rare form today. Well actually just the smallest of the Wee Ones. He woke up in a bad mood, and it never really improved much through the rest of the day. He ended up spending quite a bit time with DH, which gave me time to sit and knit. Sounds like no big thing but for me it is. I am unable to knit while the Wee Ones are up and running, because of that exact reason, running. I usually am the one doing the running though. Just trying to keep up with them and keep them out of trouble or from tearing the place apart. Of course all Daddy has to do is make a brief appearance and things immediately quiet down. Until he leaves the room and then the two of them wait a tick or two and then they are back to their regular antics. While he was hanging with Dad and the Boy the middle Wee One would go from visiting with them, to checking on me, to watching a movie we had put on for him. It afforded me the opportunity to work on the slouch pattern. So nice =)