Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sometimes I could just SCREAM. My Dh and oldest son spend a great deal of time together. While this might illicit a series of oooo's and ahhh's from onlookers, I assure some of the time it just seems to be a time bomb ready to explode. Part of it is that the boy is only 14 years old, and as 14 year olders go he's really pretty good, but he is that whole 14 year old thing. The other part of the situation is that my dh is a confirmed, card carrying, major asshole. This is not name calling it is something that he admits to and claims. Sometimes too proudly, if you were to ask me. So what happens is the "14 year old" becomes sensitive and the "asshole" doesn't know it because he didn't see the smoke signals. And we all know that where there is smoke there is fire and then....BOOM! Usually I am completely unaware of the simmering situation until the BOOM occurs and I am left scrambling for cover. No not literally, just figuratively.

Tonight it wasn't really a big BOOM, it was just a little bang. I found myself inadvertently walking into a tense situation, in which my dh explained to me that the boy had decided, yet again, that the very world was here for no one else but this 14 year old boy...ahem yeah right. I actually found myself getting riled and having to try and explain my take on the whole situation. Not just to the boy but also to my dh. Surprising enough my dh allowed this to occur. I say he allowed it, because often times he doesn't like to see me get riled. I assure you I am not some spectacular sight to see when I am angered, it's just that dh doesn't like to see me upset. Sweet? right? Yeah right.

So now I have said my peace and I'm sure by tomorrow it will be back to the same ol' same ol'.

SIGH...oh well...I guess I'll just start on my pair of socks and go back to my tranquil knitting journey to enlightenment..or at least to try and not let all this crap bother me too much.