Thursday, February 19, 2009

Age and High heels

It amazes me how we age. Well I should say how some of us age.

Case in point, Stevie Nicks. Tonight Soundstage showed Stevie Nicks October 2007 appearance. Now I realize that in 2007 she was two years younger than she is today. (See how good at math I am, that's why I home school *rolls eyes*) But even at the age of59 that woman was still amazing. She looked like she was only 30. And those boots that she was still wearing. Heavens!

Now maybe for you heels aren't such a mystery but to my preferred barefooted self, it's a miracle when I see a woman dancing around in heels, let alone platform heels. My dh was kind to buy me some high heeled boots one time. I still have them. The boots are practically in brand new condition. The reason...I can only wear them for about five minutes, and then I need to be propped against something, oh yeah and carry a tissue in case I suddenly get a nose bleed from being at a raised altitude. But seriously it's one of those family jokes. Me and high heels. Ever since I was wee I was taking off my shoes and socks. Often times at the most inopportune times. Family gatherings, proper social events, weddings, you get the picture. Fast forward to modern day times, I only wear shoes when I absolutely have to, such as going to the store or something else into a major public area. If I have to take the garbage out, barefoot. Even if it's snowing, raining, or hot as all get out, barefoot. Quite often to the amazement of my friend and neighbor, who already considers me mildly off center anyways.

But I digress. I was speaking about Stevie Nicks. She is still amazing and talented. At the end of March, supposedly, an album will be released of her Soundstage appearance. If that is the case I think it would worth buying if for no other song than her version of Dave Matthews Crash. She did a fantastic job. Yes, I realize me being interested in this might date me and allow my age to show, but heck I don't care. Cool is cool no matter what age you are, or what shoes you wear.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Wonderfully Amazing Contest

No no, not mine. Not yet. Don't worry I'm still working on the particulars. I can't say as it will be as fantastic as this one but I'm hoping to have it close.

Right now over at Knit Purl Gurl's blog she's having a contest. And what a contest, oh my! The contest is in partnership with WEBS yarn store. They have the new gadget/notion The Knit Kit. I'm sorry this little thing just looks too cool. I know I'm a nerd gadget at times. Like I said in the comment on Knit Purl Gurl's blog I would feel James Bond'ish if I had it. Her blog is filled with tons of fibery fun and the bunny photos are fantastic. Yep your gonna have to look, and not just at the contest post either, ha ha! Knit Purl Gurl's blog layout is awesome, as well, so it should be a nice respite out of your busy day to sit and read for a little while.

I must admit I was not a follower until I discovered that she was having a contest. The only reason I wasn't a follower before this was I was unaware of her blog. I discovered it through Ravelry. I have also located another blog, through Raverly, that I follow, Word of Mouth. It's a quiet little blog, but I really enjoy how the young lady writes. She's not having a contest, but maybe go and leave her a comment as well. It would be lovely if you did.

Oh and don't forget to leave me a comment. Letting me knows that ya' all loves me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Whine and Cheese

Okay today the Etsy store has been open for a whole three days and no sales so far. SIGH....

I realize that what we have listed right now is not very diverse, I thought I might have one person at least ask a question or make a comment, even a snarky one. Yet nothing. Nada. Nyet. Nichts. Zip. Zippo. Zero.

As someone stated on Ravelry, maybe shops just get lost on Etsy, maybe it's just gotten to big. I have thought about actually paying for advertising on Ravelry to see if that won't spur some activity. I want to wait before we invest in that until we can get a few more things listed for sale. We're just waiting on some supplies to come in so we can make the items to list. I'm sorry, dear readers, if I seem to be whining. Would you like some cheese with it...

I have started on the Tattoo shrug. So far so good. And yes, yes I did have to frog it at least three times. I changed the increases because I didn't like how the kfb increase looked with this yarn. I am doing a make 1 increase instead. It looks much better. I'll have to get some progress photos to show you all...

Friday, February 13, 2009


Remember the last post when I was saying that I had some things I was working on wellllllll...........

Ta da dat da ta da... Let the trumpets blare. Let the heralds sing out in joyous announcement that The Tink-n-Frog Etsy store is now open....Woooo Hoooo

Yes I know this is thrilling news, right up there with the discovery that the earth is round (all right well elliptical), the cure for polio, and the experiments at CERN.

Hopefully anyone reading this....(hear any pin drops?....yup there's one...) will stop by and check it out.

In celebration of this occasion, I'm hoping to come up with a cool gift and have a contest here on my blog soon. I'm just trying to figure out the particulars of the contest right now.

Since I have been working on the little details of the Etsy store, trying to keep up with the Wee Ones, and trying to keep up with The Boy, I haven't gotten any knitting done. I did find some yarn I am going to use in the Tattoo Shrug. It's the pattern I want to start on next. I still have my black stockings that I have sitting on the needles. I like to have a small project and a sweater project. I have also been wanting to finish up the second Tulip doll that has been patiently waiting for completion. But every time I think I'll be able to work on any of these projects I discover that I feel exhausted and just end up sitting down and yawning.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gee Whiz What's Up?

I know, I know....gosh where have I been? Well I've been right here busily working away on a few things. Secret things. Things I want to spring on you all at one time. You know like a cat. Ok well maybe not a cat. If you knew me, my "springing" days are pretty well gone. And as far as being agile like a have to be kidding. But I think you get the gist of it. If not, well you'll see soon enough....he he he

I have also been trying to hold my tongue and be still about my dh deciding he wants to go to college. I have a habit of becoming too effusive and excited about certain things. When I do my dh goes in reverse and starts pumpin' his brakes. If that happens everything and I mean EVERYTHING comes to a screeching HALT. So I had to sit back and be still and let him saunter his way into his new venture. But now that he has gotten signed up, I sigh and say Whew! I am really excited for him. He is going to go for a degree in Water Resource Technology. As he says, so he can look at the little bugs in water.

I have also been wanting to share a website I found recently, I like it because I feel it's a win win situation. You learn and they donate rice, to feed the hungry, for every right answer. They allow you to choose from a certain list of topics. Topics like Art, Chemistry Symbols and Languages. I enjoy it and The Boy (our oldest son, 14) had fun sitting down doing the Art topic. So if you get a chance check it out and maybe let me know what you think and how you did on the topic you chose.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tired and Touched

This evening I was hanging out on Ravelry, as usual (grin). I had posted some yarns for sale on my trade page. I had the opportunity to chat with some really nice people. Which was a wonderful surprise. Lately what I have read on some of the groups has made me very hesitant to post any comments. I really believe that people's snarkiness is to be chalked up to our ever increasingly, or decreasingly, economic crisis. So tonight when I was contacted by lovely people it helped to restore some of my faith in the human race. Which has been basically non-existent lately. Not just because of posts on Ravelry, but things that I have experienced in day to day life.

Spending so much time on the computer, while enjoyable, makes me feel quite drained. Simply because I try and make sure, when dealing with selling things, that I have all my t's crossed and my i's dotted. It's like mental Olympics, at least for me. I'm trying to keep all my ducks in a row as well as trying to actively listen to dh and the boy when they come to talk to me.

After taking care of the sales and chatting with a nice Ravelry-er, I checked out the postings on the Blogging group. This lady had posted that she had a contest going on. So I went to check out her blog. If anyone reads my blog I hope you stop by and read her post. It touched me deeply. Maybe because I have Wee Ones, and sometimes just when I feel really tired I know how hard they are to keep up with. Heck even when I'm not tired they are hard to keep up with. I couldn't imagine chasing them when I was dealing with something like MS. I totally lost any interest in her contest and just thought about trying to spread the word of her challenge. Hopefully some one will see this and post it on their blog.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yep, it's my birthday...

OK, I'm ready for my presents....(dead silence)

Yep that was pretty much the same result I got from my dh when I said that to him tonight after the Wee Ones toddled off to bed. Oh I didn't expect anything but still...(grin)

Actually I purchased a pattern. The Tattoo Kimono Shrug by Danielle Wilson. I don't have any yarn for it yet. I've been toying with the idea of knitting it from Tatamy Tweed DK. I just haven't decided whether I want it in black or red.

Two very nice Ravelry-ers stopped by and left comments. My first! Woo hoo. How cool is that? Both have wonderful blogs themselves, La Nina Comix and Gerwerken, check them out. Nina is a comic book artist, something that has always fascinated me. Amy has listed some links to some wonderful ideas to help us live greener lives. I love the info and the idea of living shampoo free.