Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember When..

a zipper on someone else's jacket was so fascinating?

straws could be made into everything from swords, to belts, to headgear?

an empty cardboard box was more interesting than all your toys in the toy box?

being told to pick up all your toys and only picking up a couple was good enough?

eating your boogers was your idea of a snack?

wearing socks, especially when one might be too small or just wearing one was acceptable to you?

finding the front of your underwear or pants was a mystery?

you could get all sorts of loves and hugs when you stubbed your toe or skinned your knee?

the word "yellow" was a tongue twister?

sound effects made up half of your vocabulary? (might just be a boy thing)

eating all the food on your plate garnered you a "Good job"?

asking the same question over and over and over again was your idea of a good strategy to get the answer you want?

every door or curtain in your house was the opportunity for adventure?

the food on someone else's plate was far more interesting than the food on your own plate?

your nap time seemed to be your parents favorite time of day?