Monday, January 18, 2010

Monsters en masse

yep you read correctly. Monsters. And en masse as well.

One evening this little creature popped into my imagination begging to be created. And not wishing to offend I decided to grant it's wish. It started off with one simple one. Doesn't it always? The middle Wee One claimed it as soon as he saw it half finished.

The the smallest Wee One decided he wanted a "Monder"( his rendition of the word). So off I went to create another.

The next thing you knew the middle Wee One, be the giving sort he is, asked The Boy if he wanted a monster. So the monsters became three.

But as you can see being such jolly, happy and fun loving beings they invited two more of there friends to join in the frivolity.
The last two that came along will be making a trip to stay with my nephew and my father. My father is currently in hospital and so that monster will be busy cheering him up.

I have heard wee whispers that there are two more monsters that will soon be making an appearance. Those two monsters already have there instructions on what they will be doing when they get here. They are such curious and busy little creatures, but lovely to be with.