Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Wee Ones

the youngest Wee One

loves to sing along with anything. Of course he doesn't pronounce the words correctly but he doesn't care

loves to hum along with Daddy, even after Daddy stops humming

loves to ask you the same question over and over and over. I guess just in case you didn't hear him the first 20 times.

must think himself part ant because he is forever picking things up that are either too big for him to lift or should be too heavy for him. Yet he does it anyways just for entertainment.

will hit first and ask questions later

the middle Wee One

loves to act out the movies he is watching

loves to taste and try anything that you are eating

adores his older brother

will lay in bed when he's supposed to be taking a nap and yell for his younger brother who is taking his nap on the couch downstairs.

will cry first and ask questions later

the oldest Wee One (well, really, The Boy)

stays up way too late

is a really good guy, for being a teenager

has a wicked, quick sense of humor

can get filled with righteous indignation when he sees greed or inequalities in the world

surprises me with just how much he has learned in his 15 years of life

listens and then asks questions

All in all I've got some really neat people as children