Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inspiration struck

Well I'm not sure it struck or was just tempted(grin)

I was reading through the blogs the other day I ran across this post, at maya* made. if you haven't ever poked around her blog, I seriously suggest that you do. Well I saw these little gift boxes that she urged everyone to try. I loved the idea of recycling and the idea of the "gingerbread" look. I thought about the milk carton I had in the fridge that was almost empty and remembered that I had seen some brown paper recently. Was it under the stair storage? Hmmmm? Gripped with the idea that I wanted to try this small project, I set about getting started. I prepared the carton as described.

When I went to get the brown paper, I discovered the Minahounies had obviously decided to use it for something. Heck, maybe they mailed off all of my socks that have gone missing. Minahounies? I hear you ask. They are the little mischievous house elves that move things or take things when you are looking for something. You know the ones. Anywho...

Since I couldn't find the brown paper for a gingerbread look I decided to go with white butcher paper. Luckily the Minahounies hadn't gotten to that yet. But to be honest I could hear a small snap of fingers and an aggravated growl when I picked up the paper. While I was planning how my little house was going to look I began to try and figure out what I was going to put in the box after it was finished and who would get it. I decided I would surprise my dearest and oldest friend with a hot chocolate gift box. I can't remember if I have mentioned about Our Best Bites recipe for the Ultimate Hot Chocolate. I love this recipe. What better gift box for hot chocolate than a converted milk carton? So here is my version of Miss Maya's gift box...

The front

The side

The back

And the other (that's a chair at a table and a light above it in the right hand window)

And then the items to go in the box. Sans the marshmallows, yup I am going to send those along as well. I created the the packaging for the ingredients, so that it would be coordinated. Yes I know very Martha Stewart of me. Scary, I know.
It's not perfect but I am proud of it and how it turned out. And it was actually wicked fun to do, as far as drawing the house details and such.

Give it a try and see what you can come up with.