Monday, November 30, 2009

One thing leads to another

Well I'm back and I'm not alone. Ooooo doesn't that sound sinister? It's not I assure you. I've come back to show you the completed project from that last post. The project didn't take all this time to finish, I'm just bad about getting photos to post here.

So without any further ado... Here's Flora the Hedgehog.

She's not your typical hedgehog, as I'm you sure you can tell. But I'm happy with how she turned out. I created her to be a pincushion, although she hasn't been used in that capacity as yet. Mostly she coyly sits on the shelves above my sewing machine and watches as I sew. She's such a sweet young lass of a hedgehog. It's nice to have her keep me company.

Miss Flora was kind enough assist in showing off the fabric that I used for my next project. I will admit that I already finished this project as well. It is a fabric bunting/garland using Patty Young Mezzanine fabric, that I purchased from Fabric Closet on Etsy.

I didn't use any specific pattern. Just sort of winged it. I'm going to use this one as part of our Christmas decorations this year. I had a lot of fun making it, and already have my eye on some other fabrics that I would love to use. Maybe a garland from either this fabric or this one. I'm really drawn to the second one since those are the colors that are more prevalent throughout my home. Yet the first one, Paula Prass' Flights of Fancy collection, has had me intrigued for some time. I love the Air Mail print in the collection. I have so many other projects on the horizon I'll have to just move those to the bottom of the projects list for now.

I'm already starting on another Christmas geared project, another decoration. Here is a glance at the start of it...
Yes it's another wee creature. The fabric is just serving as a background and won't have anything to do with the actually creation of the wee thing. Although the fabric might be used as an accompaniment to it. Again nothing is finalized. Yes, I'm just wingin' it, as usual. ( grin)

Along with this I am going to work on some hooded cloaks and fabric light sabers for the Wee Ones for Christmas. I just have to buy the fabric and come up with a pattern. Another wingin' job. I know there are patterns out there for cloaks, but I already have a picture of one in my head so why not just use that idea. And the light sabers are the same way. The Wee Ones have one light saber that used to be The Boy's when he was small. All the Wee Ones do is fight over it and then end up hitting the other one with it. So I thought I would make them two soft ones so that they hopefully won't fight and they can still hit each other with relative safeness. At least that's my plan. (snicker)

Anyway I'm off to work on the new wee creature. The Wee Ones are upstairs in "Daddy Land", terrorizing their dear father and The Boy. (sigh, smile)

Till next time
Ta Ta for now.....