Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's interesting how a craft can take over your life, kind of sneaky like. I'm talking about quilting. For some reason it seems to be the craft my mind wanders to, when my mind has the chance to wander at all. I'm not sure if it's because I have my sewing machine out now and can see it. Or if it's a visual thing. Reading blogs and seeing the quilts that have been made can be very inspiring for me. Or if it's the newness of the craft. I'm just not sure what it is. But I seem to be smitten with it. I do tend to lean more towards the simpler quilts like this or like this. The more involved quilts are impressive. Yet when I look at them I just end up thinking "I gotta cut all those pieces" Ugh!

Remember the black, red and cream quilt that I started with? Well of course you do! Anyways, I'm at the point in which you sandwich the backing on and start the actually quilting process. (Pause, blink, blink) Yeah well it's kind of been at that stage for a wee bit of time now. Yes, I admit it, I'm intimidated by the process. The whole getting the sandwich thing done, that I'm ok with. It's the whole machine quilting thing that kind of makes me pull up short. So right now it sits on the back of my couch waiting for me to complete it. Yet the intimidation I feel about the machine quilting has not stopped me from carrying on creating in this craft. I have already started on another quilt top. And I have about 4 others planned.

Have I given up on knitting? No I haven't. I am still working on my red scarf. I work on it in the evenings when I'm just not worn out (hence the reason it seems to be taking so long). I just seem to be more focused on the whole sewing thing. I have quite a few ideas in my head for sewing. Some of them are the quilts and the others are for garments. I would love to try Amy Butler's new pattern Liverpool. But have a hard time spending that much on a pattern right now. (of course if anyone would like to buy it for me I won't object....grin....just saying...wink)

Oh, oh, oh and before I forget I was reading the Fabric Shopper blog's post about and independent fabric designer, and saw Spoonflower. You really should check out the site. It's all sorts of cool. You can create your own fabric design. I love that idea. The price might seem a bit high, at least for me, but I haven't seen any other place offering this service. Hmmm, maybe I should check that out. Hey I know in my free time. (chuckle)