Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An amazing thing

Yes I know, I know. You all probably thought I dropped of the face of the earth. (it could happen) But nope I haven't. I'm still here.

I have been a bit hampered since I don't have a camera right now. So writing interesting crafting adventure posts is a wee bit difficult. And really it's been warm lately which seems to stifle my creativity. That being said....

I found myself not being able to sleep the other night, too warm and too many crafting possibilities tumbling around in the ol' noggin. I sat down and starting poking around the internet. I decided to look up an old friend of mine I had lost contact with. Do you ever do this? Something just gets a hold of you and you think hmmmm I wonder what so-and-so has been up to? This happens to me every once in a while and obvious the other night was just such an occasion.

The first person that leapt to my mind was a girl I met when we were 11 years old. We lived a couple of streets away from each other. We went to grammar school and junior high together. We each had other friends that we hung out with more but we were still chums. When it was time for us to go to high school, she went to a prep high school and I went on to the local high school. Our lives followed very different paths. I have occasionally touched base with her through the years. And every time we connect it's as though we just saw each other the day before. No awkward silences or strained judgments. I have just felt warm affection and deep gratitude to hear her voice one more time.

She has led, to me, a very exciting and adventurous life. After attending college in Northern California she took off to New York to start her life. She has traveled the world and done things I have only dreamed about. So this was the person I was curious about that warm sleepless night.
I found what, I thought, was her address and phone number. But something nagged in the back of my mind that the info might not be correct. I was also able to locate her mother's information though and knew that this was a good lead.

The next day came and with it the realization that after 9 years she might not want to hear from me. After all I look back at my life and I have to admit it isn't necessarily a life I wish to stand up and brag about. In other words I can find it quite embarrassing. The reasons are far to numerous to mention here and I would not wish to bore or terrify any of my dear readers. You know, all one of you (grin) Anywho.... I told my mum about my late night discoveries and with her urging I gave her mother a ring. It turned out to be a lovely conversation. In which her mum gave me the correct contact information. I hesitantly rang my friend and left a message on her cell phone.

This evening an amazing thing happened. She rang me back. (hey Jen, waves) I guess I am always so amazed and thrilled when I meet up with someone and they remember me AND are happy to hear from me. I loved talking with her. I also loved to hear how very happy she is and how wonderfully she is doing. She is still an amazing woman and someone that has always inspired me to reach out of my comfort zone and try something different. And while my life is very different from hers. It's considerably more tame and secluded. I am so incredibly thankful, and amazed, that she took time to call me back.