Thursday, October 22, 2009

Been Awhile....

Geez, it's been a wee bit of time since I last posted anything. Sorry 'bout that.

I've been busy chasing children and getting up early to chase trash. Yes it's an exciting life.

I have been doing some crafting. I have a red scarf I am knitting on. I'm using the wonderful yarn I won from Miss Shortly. It's the Vintage Purl in a beautiful red colorway. If you have not had the pleasure of working with this yarn before, you will have to just take my word that it is truly wonderful. The color, the feel and the fabric it produces, WONDERFUL. She was so sweet and kind for hosting such a great contest. The pattern this yarn is being transformed into is from the Double Ewe Yarn Shop, Suri de Arana scarf. It's a very easy and forgiving lace pattern that gives very pretty results.

I have also been trying to work on my quilting. It's been a little harder for me. I really, really have to work on it when the Wee Ones aren't awake and running around. Too many interesting and cool implements (i.e. scissors, pins, measuring tape, rotary cutter) for them to get a hold of and play with. And when they finally do go to bed, and I get done with eating dinner and chores, I seem to find myself feeling quiet tired. Just in the attempt to write this small post I have had to sing a song from the Polar Express movie with the smallest Wee One, scoot in a chair for the middle Wee One, fix the same movie 'cuz it gets stuck in one part, have a chat with my husband (no he really hasn't made it back to the DH status), all the while trying to remember what it was I was trying to write in the first place. In other words the same ol', same ol' . The same thing every other woman goes through in a normal day. (sigh)

Anyways just wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know that yes I'm still alive. I better go otherwise I can already feel this post deteriorating in to a series of nothing but misspelled gibberish nonsense. (cough, cough as though it isn't already grin)